Firefox Ultimate Optimizer

Firefox Ultimate Optimizer

Firefox Ultimate Optimizer is a program that speeds up Firefox
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Firefox is the world's leading free open source cross-platform browser. 21% of users use Firefox as their browser. If you are a Firefox user, you will not believe your eyes about what "Firefox Ultimate Optimizer" offers. This great utility improves the performance of your Firefox browser and incredibly reduces memory and CPU usage. The practical experiment revealed that it could immediately reduce the memory usage of Firefox 3.0.4 with 14 pages(tabs) opened on a Microsoft Windows XP SP2 from 62 Mb to less than 0.5 Mb only without any instability issues. This will save your RAM for other memory-intensive applications that were slowing down your computer when running them along with Firefox. The program doesn't require any configurations or tweaking, and you wont even need to install it, just download and double click and you will be saving your memory. The program is multilingual and supports an unlimited amount of languages as you can add your own languages simply by editing a template ini file and placing a copy of it under the "Languages" folder. The application has a nice tray icon that can be used to enable/disable automatic loading with Windows, change your language or to quit from the program.

Mark Adeeb
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Discontinued by the developer.

Review summary


  • Wonderful incredible performance
  • Low memory footprints
  • Small in size
  • Immediate action


  • Requires .NET Framework 2 to be installed
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